How to use

Save your Contract

1.Connect your web3.0 wallet

Go to "mypage", and connect your web3 wallet by signing.

When the connection is complete, the connected address is displayed in the upper right.

2.Click "New" on Mypage, and move to create page

3.Save Contract Outline

① Pick Network to deploy your contract. At now, Rinkeby・BSC・Matic・Mainnet are available.

② Input Name and Symbol

③ Click "Save".

※ You cannot change "name" and "symbol" later.

Deploy your Contract

Click "Deploy" on the "NFT Contract" page, and confirm the transaction.

When your transaction is succeed, this message is displayed.

Save Token

1.Click "New" button.

  1. Enter TokenID、Name、Description、Image、Animation URL and save it.

Token ID   : It'll distribute automatically. Name   : Name of your NFT Description  : You can add the description to your NFT Image    : Enter the images or videos. Animation URL : Enter images, videos, audios, 3Dfiles(GLB) or etc....

Above Opensea, it'll be displayed as shown below.

※The case of attaching thumbnails.  Insert the thumbnail in "image" and the content in "Animation URL"

The case of above picture, the lime picture is displayed on the market. When you click Play button, the soda animation is played.

Mint your Token

  1. Select the token you want to mint. It is possible to select more than one.

  2. Click "Mint", and confirm the transaction.

  3. Reload the page, if "Minted" column is checked, it is successful.

Sell your Token

If you want to sell in the Opensea, you can sale by copying the Contract Address, pasting it on the following page, and submitting it.

☆How to set the royalty


Connect with the address that used for minting NFTs, and go to the work page.

Manage → Edit → sign → commission Input "Percentage fee" and "Your payout wallet address"


Open the NFT contract address management page with etherscan.

Connect with your web3 wallet. You can set royalty at "setDefaultRoyality" .13 Input "royaltyAddress" and "royalty" Also, enclose the address and number in [ ] as shown in the image below.

Royalty will be "Inputted number / 10000" The case of 500 → 500/10000 = 5/100 → 5% If 1000 → 10%

Edit minted NFT

Click "Grid" button on the NFT Contract page.

When you click that button, you can see NFT contents you created.

Pick the NFT you want to edit. When your editing has completed, click "Save", the modification will be reflected.

For more info, please contact us on **dicord!**

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