Which networks can I use?

Currently, we support Ethereum Mainnet, BSC, and Polygon. We plan to add other chains as necessary.

What kind of data format does Chocofactory support?

Images, videos, audios, 3Dfiles(GLB), etc.. are supported. If an error occurs, please contact us on discord.

Is there a Chocomint token?

There is no Chocomint Token at now!! Be careful for scam projects.

Can I mint more than one?

Chocofactory can mint the multiple NFT at once. If you select multiple checkboxes in the spreadsheet, you can mint about 300 NFTs at the same time.

The case of ERC1155, our service is not currently supported, because Japanese environment of that has not prepared yet.

How can I delete the NFT?

In the case of Mainnet, self-burning of your NFT can be done from Etherscan, but transaction fees will be charged. Also, in the case of Matic and BSC, the self-burn function has not yet been do from the frontend. Unless there is a special reason such as the limited version NFT, we recommend only modifying without deleting because of cost.

I can't send my NFT of Gif files.

There is a slight bug, and the transmission method of the NFT of the Gif file created by Chocofactory is limited. I couldn't send from my smartphone or wallet app, and I could confirm the sending only when I used Chocogift on my PC, so please use that method until it is improved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I can't see my image or video on Opensea.

It takes a while for images and videos to load. If it does not load after a few hours, please contact us via discord

How can I contact the team?

You can reach us at our discord!!!

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